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Lessons Learned: Stories from Women in Medical Management

Lessons Learned: Stories from Women in Medical Management ©2013, 252 pages Women physicians now comprise 50 percent or more of most U.S. medical school classes. Yet relatively few fill the most senior management positions within the health care system. In “Lessons Learned: Stories from Women in Medical Management,” editor and author, Deborah Shlian, MD, MBA, profiles 24 exceptional female physicians who have defied the odds. They share their personal and compelling stories- including obstacles and challenges faced in balancing work, family and personal life-as their career paths take them from clinical medicine to leadership within government, academia, hospitals, provider groups, managed care, pharma, consulting and entrepreneurial venture. The lessons they learned are not only relevant to women and not just applicable to health care-they are universal. At a time when most agree that the U.S. health care delivery system needs fundamental change, this book makes the case for talented women physician executives, articulate in the language of health care policy and business, to be among those leading the way. Deborah Shlian, MD, MBA, has three decades of clinical, management, consulting and physician executive recruiting experience. She has authored two books related to health care management and careers in the industry.



Telemedicine and Telehealth: Principles, Policies, Performance and Pitfalls

Telemedicine and telehealth are changing the face of health care delivery and becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Dr. Darkins and Dr. Cary share their knowledge and provide practical insights and advice on making telemedicine programs into successful clinical services and a productive business. The book gives background knowledge and useful tips on starting up and managing programs in an array of settings. Most importantly, the book is based on the recognition that patients are customers of health care and telemedicine companies developing new products vital to delivering care to rural or inaccessible clients is vital to health care’s future.