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Consultation and Training to Develop Executive Teams for Enhanced Results


As an emergency physician in a ski resort I knew how to give orders. That is how I had been trained in medical school and residency. I arrived my first executive post, talked with my office staff and gave an order. Nothing happened. Clearly, they hadn’t heard me. I gave the order again.

My journey from clinician to leader began.

Over my Leadership Expedition I have moved into more listening and less speaking, more showing and less telling. Ultimately, leadership is an internal journey.

As leaders, we increase our power and ability to achieve by empowering others. I collaborate with healthcare organizations, professional societies and research facilities to design custom-designed leadership development programs. I am the luckiest person in the world. I do what I love. - Dr. Margaret Cary

The healthcare environment today is complex, constantly changing, and requires both leadership skills and the ability to think in a new way. Traditional physician education focuses on skills essential for patient care, not for leading and managing others. For example, physicians are trained to make decisions based on scientific evidence and diagnostic results with little to no input from others. This is important and effective at the bedside. This decision making style may not work well in collaborative leadership environments, team settings, or in the executive suite.

When health care professionals, especially physicians, transition into leadership positions from patient care, they require a new set of skills as well as new ways to consider challenges. Evidence tells us that leadership skills are best developed during real situations, not simply by reading about them in a book or journal.

Dr. Cary has a wide range of experience in teaching, training, and consulting with health care leaders in workshops, retreats, and individual consultation for a department or executive team. Her depth of experience and passion for evidence-based information enables her to customize training programs specifically to address the needs of your organization.

Her areas of training expertise include

  • Measuring and Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Developing Vertical Leaders
  • Coaching from a Developmental Perspective
  • Leveraging Polarities and the Complex Thinking of Leadership
  • Identifying and Building on Leadership Strengths

“When Maggi and I first started working together I wasn’t sure she was right for me. I am a surgeon and Maggi would ask me questions like “How did that make you feel?” I wanted results, not “feelings.” But I came to understand that I could increase my effectiveness if I were more attentive to the emotional aspects of the project and the feelings of the people involved. I recommend Dr. Cary without reservation.” - Dr. Mary O’Connor, Director, Musculoskeletal Center at Yale New Haven



Leadership requires skills in fostering dialog and developing members of your team so you can maximize results.



Learn the behaviors and skills of effective senior leaders including managing, collaboration, and creativity.


The Rapidly Changing Healthcare Environment

Reimbursement and regulations change constantly. Learn to generate new solutions quickly.


Leveraging Questions for the Leader's Edge
Your Leadership Journey: Empowering Others

what clients say about Margaret

"You have strong insight into how to help me solve my problems and involve the team, combined with understanding my limitations and the patience to allow me to develop skills at my own pace."
Dr. J., Department Chair
Large Academic Medical Center
Excellent listener. Knows when to push back against my innate level of comfort. Being a physician you have insights into physicians that others just don’t and won’t.
Dr. A., Department Chair
Emergency Medicine, Inner City Hospital

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